Why some Information Technologies remain relevant after many decades?


Why are mainframes still relevant?

Credit: Great Images in NASA, Public Domain

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Why is SQL still relevant?

API (Application Programming Interfaces)

Why are APIs still relevant?


Credit: A chronology of selected programming languages by Brian Hayes

Why is C still relevant?

Credits: By MediaNik — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0


Why is email still relevant?


  • Reliable and high performing across decades makes it hard to justify the change
  • Portability and efficiency makes it easy to spread in many solutions
  • Simple to use gains users attention and produces a network effect in which if you have it, I want to have it
  • High levels of abstraction between what you want and how to do it
  • Interfaces offer high levels of abstraction between computers, computer programs and organisations
  • Abstraction and decoupling offer great longevity to resolve problems due to the ability to replace the implementation without impacting the abstraction itself

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