This article discusses different patterns and options when deciding multicloud infrastructure setups

In accordance with the physical laws of gravity, objects with larger mass attract those with less. In this analogy, bigger data sets will pull closer applications, services, and smaller data sets due to latency and throughput.

Why is this concept important?

Storing vast amounts of data comes with its own risks and challenges. Synthetic data is one of the options in the toolkit to address them. This article reviews different angles, including data confidentiality, retention and de-identification.

Sending people to a training course with tea and cookies will not achieve the desired cultural change

“API-first design” will pay off in the long term

IP requires IC and SC, if IC goes low, then IP is almost lost. You may ask, Pablo, what are you talking about? I decided kick-off with the conclusion. So lets rollback and start from the beginning.

Credits: Pixabay

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